Meter Boat

Transporting Meter boat @ Woolwich Dock



Farr 40 Kokomo

Transport of Farr 40 Kokomo from Brisbane to Sydney


Transpac 52 ‘Hooligan’

Transporting TP52 ‘Hooligan’


Arvor boat

28′ Arvor boat to Sydney from Wollongong


‎Transporting 35′ halvorsen from Paynsville VIC to Sydney NSW

Trade Boat

Transporting ‎100 year old trade boat from Tasmania to be re-made as sculpture


Hanse 355

Transporting Hanse 355 for Bear Cottage


Poppy Boat

Transporting a Poppy Boat


Hugo Boss

Transporting “Hugo Boss” – monochrome 60ft yacht for Sydney to Hobart Race

McConaghy 38

Transporting McConaghy 38 – One Design